How It Works: The Process

Step 1: Consultation

First we discuss if this is the correct option for you! If yes, we explore some design and functional ideas you have.

Step 2: Temporary Website/Link

I will create a temporary website for you under a temporary link with some basic style modifications for you to test out. You have the option to already input your websites content if you wish.

Step 3: Decision

If you decide that you want to proceed with the purchase, we will take the necessary steps to complete the transaction and create a contract.

Step 4: Detailed Work

At this point we will have another detailed consultation where we will finalize your websites design. By now you already had some time to input some of your content. In case you already have a domain, I will help you prepare it for transfer. If you wish to use Google Analytics, I will help you set it up!

Step 5: Transfer

Once everything is ready, we will transfer your website onto your chosen domain and the process is complete!

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