Easy to use

With a designated Admin Page, you will be able to add or edit the content of your website easily. The code takes care of the proper display on your website! If you would like to see an example of some editing pages click HERE or HERE (The text editor is built for Desktops).

Pages designed for the needs of classical musicians

The package includes following pages (You can also opt out from some of them):
Home, Biography, Acclaim, News, Calendar, Works (for Arrangements, Compositions, Papers, ...), Media (Photo Gallery, Videos, Recordings), Repertoire and Contact. If you need another page, please ask about pricing options for coding additional pages.

Sleek design that can be modified to fit your needs

The design is sleek and minimalistic, so that it wouldn't go out of style! This makes this a long-term solution! During our consultations, you will be able to give me input into how I can go about modifying the design to fit your needs. If you would like a completely different organization of the pages, please ask about pricing options for a total remodelling.

The set-up and code are taken care of for you

You do not need to have any knowledge about websites or to use any web design services - the website is delivered and set up for you.

Google Analytics

In order to see where and how your website is being used, you will receive a Google Analytics integration. In order to comply with the European privacy laws, an Opt Out Dialogue for Cookies and a Privacy Policy Page are included.

Cookie Policy

This website uses only the basic Google Analytics Cookies to better understand the traffic on the Website. If you’d like to find out more about the cookies, please review our Privacy Policy. You must accept the Privacy Policy in order to use the website, however, you may choose to opt in or out of Google Analytics. Please note, that this information helps me to understand how my Website is being used and reached.

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